WED 16 APR Filming "The Liberating Kind" - Director Info

1pm - Start / Set up.  Organise location & Establish shooting spots in the city

2pm - 4pm Actual filming of First 1.5 minutes of the song

4pm - Flo goes to Soundcheck. Dao set up equipment etc.

8pm to 9pm - Film Flo & band while getting ready to go on-stage backstage

9.30pm to 10.15pm - Dao films the whole band on stage with crowd scenes etc

10.15pm to 11pm - Actual gig

11pm gig finishes - Sell CDs/Vinyl, people ask for autograph etc


The shot sequence:


Verse 1 and Chorus 1 ( from song start to 1min 16sec: Flo walking and singing song from iphone (maybe someone needs to be walking with me with cd player so it's louder)

Verse 2 1min 16sec to 1min 50sec  still walking but arrive at The Toff backstage 

Chorus 2 to end of song - Band shots on stage

We need shots of the crowd watching the band and at the end maybe a shot of all of my friends and I laughing or something.. happy times :)