WED 16 APR Filming "The Liberating Kind" @ The Toff in Town BAND INFO

4PM to 4.30PM - Arrival for SOUNDCHECK

4.30PM to 6.30PM - Actual Soundcheck.  Take Note, the Soundguy, Jason, is very particular and a bit of a stress-head when things get thrown at him unexcpectedly.  Don't need that vibe so let's anticipate everything that could possibly go pear-shaped and avoid them.  Great guy otherwise :)


8PM to 9PM - FILMING BACKSTAGE (Upstairs).  We're going to get some footage of all of us getting ready to go on-stage

9.30 to 10.15PM - Filming the actual song with crowd etc. We are miming the track.  We're probably going to finish a lot earlier than specified time.

10.15PM to 11PM - Play our actual set.  We are recording this set live.


Our fab backing vocalists, Carla and Erin, are joining us for the Aretha tracks,"Think", "Rock Steady" and "Backlash Brew".  If people ask for encore, let's do "Respect" - to promo our Aretha gig next month.

ATTIRE: Please put on the funkiest suit that you own... preferrably not a formal/wedding type suit.  Hats are very much welcome :)

VIBE: Energetic, Positive, smiley, happy faces all-round. :)